Commercial Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning

With years of experience and advanced duct cleaning tools and techniques, Alberta Robotic Duct Cleaning are able to accommodate different  types of buildings  such as schools, commercial buildings, senior home cares,  grocery stores,  gym and much more.

Using our Camera Robot as guide for duct cleaning, we are able to perform initial inspection on the condition of the duct system. Pictures and video clips are send to the client via email together with the estimated quote.

When quote is accepted, Alberta Robotic Duct Cleaning Specialist proceeds by choosing the  right brush size(s) and other duct cleaning tools to use for proper cleaning.

During cleaning, our technician attaches the brush to the robot. He then sends it inside the duct work and remotely controls it through the computer. During the brushing, all dusts and debris is send to the vacuum  unit.

Since the robot has a dual camera system, all actions are recorded and is shared to the client after the service is done.

With some special robotic attachments,  Alberta Robotic Duct Cleaning also offers full sanitization of the entire duct system using biodegradable products.

Safety is very important to us. Alberta Robotic Duct Cleaning uses Proper Protective Equipments during the service.

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Commercial Furnace Duct Cleaning  (Calgary & Edmonton)

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