Affordable Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning (RESIDENTIAL)

Over the years, we have encountered different layouts of buildings and residential houses and guess what, each one of them requires different approach in cleaning. With years of experience,  Alberta Robotic Duct Cleaning has developed procedures that sets apart from its competitors.

Here’s what to expect on the date of appointment;
  1. Our technician arrives and performs multi point inspection in your furnace and other heating equipments attached to it. Any abnormal issues will be noted and discuss to the homeowner prior to the start of duct cleaning services. Repairs can be done on the spot or can be rescheduled per client’s decision.
  2. Furnace & other accessories will be turned off. It would be a great idea to heat up the house 2 hours prior to the arrival of the technician.
  3. An access point is cut, usually an 8 inch hole  above the furnace, called bypass. This will be properly covered with a 10x10inch sheet metal panel.
  4. Each ducts/registers are located and blast with 200 pounds of air towards the main brain. This also includes the return ducks.
  5. Technician comes back to the mechanical room and starts brushing the main branch. With the aid of special duct cleaning tools, camera and robot, we are able to share before and after pictures to the client. (Remember to ask for the pictures or videos in case we forget)
  6. Furnace with evaporator coils or AC coils are properly air-washed to make sure dust and debris are removed.
  7. Furnace is then carefully blasted with air. Dusts around sensors, burners and fan blades are carefully removed and collected towards the vacuum.
  8. Technician wipes the rest of furnace covers and puts everything back together.
  9. Holes are covered with proper material and will be use for future service
  10. We recommend new filters after the duct cleaning service.
  11. Sticker will be placed on air return side for record purposes.

Check our galleries for before/after pictures from our everyday customers.

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